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What we do

Personal Development
Personal Development

Our DOTS personal development coaching will ignite your passion, improve your relationships boost your success in life and work with minimal effort.

Team Building
Team Building

From Fortune 500 companies to small organisations, sports teams and community groups. We run effective, simple and insightful team building workshops for you.

Sales & Presentations
Sales & Presentations

We provide successful training services for sales professionals looking to gain a unique advantage for connecting with customers to increase sales.


About DotsTM

Interpersonal communication skills – the critical foundation for our personal and professional relationships.

We all know great communicators who have achieved success and happiness because they connect well with others.

Great communication is a two-way thing. It isn’t only about the ability to talk to people -it’s also about interpreting, listening and being aware of the ways people communicate with you and how they comprehend the messages you’re sending.

Our precognitive communication programme, DOTS, will arm you with a better understanding of your own communication style and the styles of others.

  • you will discover why you think and act the way you do and why others are naturally different.
  • you will be able to connect with people in real ways while improving your relationships and bringing clarity to all of your conversations.
  • you will gain the ability to assess how someone wants to be connected with in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds).
  • you will reduce stress and conflict at home and at work while learning tools for dealing with ‘difficult people’.
  • you will uncover your strengths, hidden talents and what really drives you.

This training doesn’t just teach you more about yourself (as interesting as it is to learn more about you), it teaches you how to deal with everyone else.

This will give you an advanced level skill-set that will allow you to get along with (and impress) anyone you meet which will greatly enhance your personal life, your social life, your professional life and your career development.


Discover why people think and act the way they do...





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