What is a Blue Dot?

A Blue Dot is one of the four communication styles that we each use. It is a way of describing the Sensationists’ style of communication.

How to identify a Blue Dot…

Quiet, pragmatic, caring, sensitive, and strong.

People of this type tend to be caring, friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic, affectionate, articulate and tactful, highly empathetic but easily hurt. They are productive, organised and responsible.

How to get along with a Blue Dot

Most importantly – The most important thing to this type is their relationships, and the opportunity to communicate and connect with others.

Are you a Blue Dot?

If you are high in Blue you tend to be very sensitive and pragmatic. Feelings are paramount and Blue Dots like to be close to people whom they feel comfortable being around. If your Blue Dot nature is highly developed, you may use a lot of gestures when you speak. This helps you put your feelings into what you are communicating. A Blue Dot can bubble over with enthusiasm and want other people to feel good too. Blue Dots are often good at giving massages. This is because the energy that pours through their hands can be healing to others – as well as helping the person being touched to relax more deeply. They also have an aptitude for psychometry. Someone can place an object in the Blue Dot’s hands and they appear to be able to receive impressions about that person. Blue Dots can quickly pick up other people’s feelings or an atmosphere in a room. Because Blue Dots are so highly sensitive, it is very important that they know how to recognise their own feelings from those that don’t belong to them. The Blue Dot has an ability to calm a situation which is of enormous benefit to the other natures.

If you feel like you might have some Blue Dot in you, be aware that life can become stressful when you allow people to overrule your feelings.

If you are a Blue Dot you need to learn how to trust your true feeling nature, because you are vulnerable in another person’s mental ballpark and your true feelings never lie.

So how can you learn to trust your true feelings?

It’s simple!

By discovering more about your true nature (your Dots), what makes you tick, and why you think and act the way you do, you can learn to differentiate your true feelings from those around you, and how to cope with them.

If you feel like discovering more about this, what makes you tick, send us a message and find out more.