Have you ever wondered what makes you tick?

Why certain people and different situations can frustrate you, while others make you really happy?

Think about it… if you’re waiting in a long line to pay for your groceries at the checkout counter and you see someone sneak up the front and push in – how would you react?

Would you get angry? Frustrated? Want to walk over and tell them where to go? Or perhaps you’re upset on the inside but wouldn’t dare say anything to them in case it turned into an argument?

Or maybe it doesn’t even bother you, who cares?

Have you ever thought about why you might react in certain ways in different situations?

And what that means?

Have you ever thought about why some people react differently to you?

And why that is?

How interesting would it be to find out the reasoning behind why you think and act the way you do?

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle.

How well do you really know yourself?

By asking you a few questions I can show you how to determine what makes you different, what your natural style might be and what that means.

I’ll break it down into the four different styles (Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue) to make it easy.

Has anyone ever told you “You are too clever for your own good?”

If you know this sounds like you, your natural style may be Purple.

Or has anyone ever told you – “You are too picky?”

If you can see these traits in you, your natural style may be Yellow.

Has anyone ever told you – “You have no feelings?”

If you think this sounds like you, your natural style may be Red.

Or has anyone ever told you – “You are too sensitive?”

If this feels like you, your natural style may be Blue.

Now don’t worry if you’ve identified with a few of these styles, as we are all made up of a bit of each, but you will be more dominant in one than the other three.

So there is one style that you will use throughout your life that colours all of your conversations with the people around you. It’s the style that comes natural to you so you use it the most.

And when you meet someone who has the same style as you – you get along with them easily because you’re both talking the same “language” so-to-speak (the same style).

But three out of four times when you meet someone (be it a first date, a job interview, wherever) they are likely to have a different style to you and you may find it difficult to relate to each other.

For example, if your natural style is Red and you like to get straight to the point while speaking in short sharp sentences (like bullet points) and you’re talking to someone whose style is Blue, you’re going to come across as quite blunt and uncaring to them. They’re probably not going to enjoy talking to you all that much… That’s because the Blue style is very sensitive and tend to take things personally, so they’ll find you pretty hard to deal with.

But why does this matter?

Why is it important to know what your own natural style is?

Because if you want to get anywhere in life, having the ability to get along with people, have them understand you and appreciate you all begins with discovering why you think and act the way you do – and why others are naturally different.

Then you can adjust the way you deal with different people slightly so that you can get along with them better, get your point across more clearly and become more successful in everything that you do.

But this is just the beginning…

In order to fully understand your style, why you think and act the way you do and what makes you tick, there are a few more questions you need to answer.

We can show you how to determine what your style is in just a few hours, while also discovering what your strengths are and how to make the best use of them in order to succeed easily in life.

Find out who you really are and what drives you, enquire now to find out more or take the short DOTS quiz now.

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