Team Building

Discover how to build high performing teams with minimal effort.

If you are looking to…

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Improve customer / client service and increase sales
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict and stress
  • Create a thriving workplace culture

Then the DOTS training is ideal for your team.

From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium organisations, sports teams and community groups, we have been running effective, simple and insightful team-building workshops using DOTS Precognitive Communication techniques around Australia and New Zealand.

Enhance your team’s ability to resolve conflicts, hold difficult conversations, impress customers and clients, communicate clearly, improve productivity, and work cooperatively.

Our training is practical, hands on, effective, insightful, relevant and action oriented.

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Get Dotted and experience communication breakthroughs with all those people who really matter in your life.

What Sets Dots Apart From Other Training?

The DOTS training doesn’t just teach you more about yourself (as interesting as it is to learn what makes you tick), it teaches you how to deal with everyone else. How to get into someone else’s world really quickly and determine how they want to be spoken to within a matter of minutes. This is an advanced level of communication skills that will allow you to get along with (and impress) anyone you meet!

What do others say?

“The DOTS course is the most effective and long-lasting team engagement and communication course I have ever been involved with.”

“Great revelation of oneself and others around you. Highly recommended to further increase communication skills and breaking boundaries with fellow colleagues.”

“Very practical and very powerful.”

“A very engaging and informative course that has given our teams tools that will improve their everyday interactions with the team, clients, and suppliers.”

The effective communication tools we teach with DOTS™ are learned in the space of just a few hours and will give your team tools that last a lifetime.

What will learning the DOTS™ training do for your team and/or business?

Up-skill your team in the art of effective communication, equip them with practical tools for influencing others including the ability to connect with anyone in less than 2 mins.

If you want to improve your workplace communication, enquire about a DOTS workshop with us today.

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